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The Math Marathon has begun! The first competition in the Math Meet is the Marathon. Students have weeks to answer the questions. Download the PDF file below for the questions and instructions. Answers must be postmarked or received by February 4, 2022.
The Department of Computer Science at the College of Charleston will hold the 39th Annual High School Programming Competition on February 11, in person. Separate registration is required. More details are posted at their web site

Math Meet 2022 to be held virtually Saturday, February 12, 2022

Due to continuing uncertainty from COVID-19, the next Math Meet will be held in approximately the same virtual format as Math Meet 2021. The registration deadline is Friday, February 4, 2022.

This year's Math Meet will be held virtually. Teams will not come to campus, and students will not need to meet at any particular physical location. Students can participate from anywhere with an internet connection.

We will not be selling tee-shirts or awarding trophies, due to the cost and effort required to mail them. Also, the price of participation will be only $2 per student.

Events will be somewhat modified so they can take place under these conditions.

Written test: A few days before the Math Meet, we'll send out information on how students can sign in and download their individual version of the written test. These files will be password-protected PDFs. Students should download their file ahead of time, so our server won't be overloaded right when the test starts. When the written test begins, students will sign in again and the password will be revealed. We'll also post the password on Twitter and Facebook. At that time, students may begin entering their answers to written test problems. When time runs out, the answer submission form will be disabled. During the written test, students are permitted to use the answer submission form and may contact their coaches about technical problems. Otherwise, no calculators, software, web sites, or communication tools may be used during the written test. Students will be on their honor not to cheat.

Team elimination: We will hold JV and Varsity team elimination. Each school or club may send one team of exactly four students in each division. No student can be on more than one team. Teammates take turns answering a few questions on their own; no collaboration is allowed. The team score is the total from all four students. Each team must decide ahead of time which student will go first, second, third, and fourth. The event will be conducted using a video conference system. Students will submit their answers using a web form. Timing is important for this event. We will be unable to make accommodations for technical problems during this event. Students will be on their honor not to cheat.

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